What Is A PVF Distributor

What Is A PVF Distributor?

  A: A PVF distributor is set up to distribute pipe, valves, fittings, bolts, and gaskets. Really anything that is needed in the petrochemical, refinery, downstream, or pipe fabrication. “Why do I need a PVF distributor? Isn’t one parts dealer the same as the next? Why don’t I just get all my parts from a…

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What Is Seamless Pipe

What Is Seamless Pipe?

A: Seamless pipe is formed by forcing molten metal through a round die to create a continuous tube of metal. Steel pipe is typically used in pipe systems that transport fluids or gases. At TPC we carry many kinds of steel pipe for a variety of different applications. Steel pipe has become the go-to option…

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What Does PVF Stand For?

A: PVF stands for pipe, valves, and fittings. It’s really a slang term that we use in our industry because what we do encompasses a lot more than pipe valves and fittings. Anything that the plants need to run their facilities is what we sell. Whether it be hoses and assemblies, couplings, pipe—anything they need,…

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Rubber Hoses

What Are Rubber Hoses?

A: Rubber hoses are used for the transfer of water, air, petroleum, chemicals, and dry bulk material with higher temperature and pressure ratings. Imagine the rugged sound of the diesel engine on an excavator, a jet ski skimming across Lake Houston, or factory machinery. There’s a lot of moving parts there and that means a…

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Custom Fabricated Supports

What Are Custom Fabricated Supports?

A: Custom fabricated supports are what we do in-house to make sure that we can get you any fabricated support you need. It’s mainly for petrochemical refineries—shoes, t-supports, anything you need. We create supports that directly reflect the specifications and dimensions taken directly from your isometric drawings. We can also do hot-dipped galvanizing once they’re…

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PVC Hose

What Is PVC Hose?

A: PVC is polyvinyl chloride it is a much lighter, less expensive hose that is cheaper than rubber. It’s used for lower pressure applications such as air and water. A Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose is constructed from a thermoplastic polymer that is created by polymerizing vinyl chloride. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. It’s just a lighter, more…

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TPC Pipe

What Type Of Pipe Does TPC Provide?

A: We provide all grades of pipe including A53—seamless and welded. A106 as well as all of your high-yield, higher tensile pipes— all of your X grade pipes. We also provide duplex and super-duplex— stainless steel and 304, 316, 317—seamless and welded pipe. Pipe is a very broad term that encompasses many variations of tubular…

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Ball Valves

What Are Ball Valves?

A: Ball valves are mainly used in midstream. They’re actually used for their rotational motion that uses the ball as a disc to stop or start fluid movement. A ball valve is a 1/4 shut-off valve that can control transfer flow using a rotary sphere with a centered bore. It is in the open position when the…

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What Is PVF?

A: PVF is pipes, fittings, flanges, and valves. In our industry, we provide all the pipes, valves, fittings, and flanges you need. We carry it all—for your downstream, midstream, upstream and custom pipe fabrication. Whether your industry is oil, gas, pipe fabricators—actually, pretty much any industry—you deal with PVF supply. As Houston mentioned, PVF encompasses…

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What Types Of Valves Does TPC Provide?

A: We provide gate valves, check valves, globe valves, and ball valves. Gate valves are used as a “gate”—to stop flow. A check valve is going to have backflow prevention, to make sure no product is coming back through the line. Globe valves are used as more of a throttle, and ball valves as well.…

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What Is HDPE Pipe?

A: Another grade of pipe that TPC provides is HDPE pipe, which is high-density, polyethylene pipe. It’s used on all your underground lines—it’s used for fluid or gas transfer. Also, to replace your concrete piping, to make sure that all your pipe underground—stays underground and doesn’t break down as concrete pipe does. HDPE Pipe is…

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PVF Supply Talk: TPC Inventory Spotlight

In the PVF supply industry, the type of inventory companies carry can vary greatly depending on each supplier. At TPC Industrial we go above and beyond to carry exactly what our customers are looking for—ready to ship. We like to stay in constant communication with our clients as well as our vendors to make sure…

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